About Us

Christian Peter Horky has been in the real estate industry for the better part of 3 decades. As Broker/Owner of The Real Estate Company of Naples, Chris brings vast experience in both Commercial, Residential and New Construction Real Estate.

Involved in the family commercial construction business during college, Chris then went to work for Bear Stearns after graduation from Boston University, Class of ’81,and was then trained to work in the Real Estate Tax Shelter sector of the firm for the next 3 years.

The EF Hutton Municipal bond trading desk was the next job experience where he helped raise over $750,000,000 for municipalities throughout the United States thru the mid 1980’s.

Merrill Lynch Pierce Fennner and Smith then put Horky back into the Tax Shelter business working with JDM Chicago in the commercial real estate arena, packaging commercial space for limited partnership investors worldwide.

As owner of CPE, Inc., the company bought and sold commercial real estate until 2000. Horky then formed CPH Real Estate Consulting, LLC working with brokers, nationwide, to help them grow their business. The company is still active today working with developers and hedge funds with the financing of real estate related projects.

Today, Chris is heavily involved in Commercial Real estate as well as the high end residential market here in Naples.